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Our proactive approach is why we are able to provide our clients with outstanding service, making us a trusted name in the QS industry.


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We manage all costs relating to a diverse range of building and construction projects, from inception to completion. With our expertise, we can maximise value and minimise risk and costs.

Our Quantity Surveying services include:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Budget estimates 

  • Procurement documentation and Bills of Quantities

  • Contractor selection, adjudication, and negotiation

  • Monthly payment valuation

  • Cost control and reporting

  • Final accounts


We combine our skills in construction, tax, and accountancy as well as our legal expertise on the matter to ensure you receive the maximum tax relief available for your property development projects.


We utilise our experience and insight in the industry for the development of property, and by doing so, we strive to contribute to the prosperity of the community. We enjoy finding opportunities to unlock value in the industry, and we welcome the idea of joint ventures and working together with companies who share our common goal.


We aim to benefit our clients by providing advice on the initial project brief, procurement policies, adjudication, and procedures to suit the requirements of their project. Our monitoring report provides our clients with an executive overview which is a critical tool for decision-making on the project.

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